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Do Online Schools Transfer Credits? How Does it Work?

Yes, online colleges transfer credits. Schools transfer credits in (accepting classes taken at other schools) and out (to other schools). Transferring credits has become much more common than it used to be. Twenty years ago, most students attended just one college, start to finish, or two. Students started at junior colleges or community colleges, then

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How can I identify a good online college? Most for-profit colleges seem like scams.

First, we need to separate out the seeming from the reality, and maybe to talk about why these colleges might seem this way. Then we’ll point you to how to identify good colleges. Have you ever heard about Clayton Christiansen? Christiansen studies innovation, and he came up with the phrase “disruptive innovation” which applies here.

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Can I Earn a GED or High School Diploma Online?

Will I Still Be Able to Get into College? Let me start with the simplest question first. Yes, you can get a diploma online. To do so, you’d register with an online high school. There are a number of these, and the number is growing. A number of online colleges have become pretty flexible abou

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